Dr. Steve M.

There was a time in my life when I was looking for a way to manage the huge amount of debt and expenses I had incurred after college and medical school.  As a young doctor, I wasn’t sure how to get things headed in the right direction.  I was looking for an advisor that could […]

Darrell N. Braman, Esq.

I referred a new client to Spending Plan Advisors.  They were experiencing accumulating credit card debt and needed to borrow money from family members in order to meet their monthly expenses.  They needed assistance beyond what I could offer them so I was happy to refer them to Steven Levin.  His banking, debt management, and personal […]

Chris Rahl, Esq.

Steven Levin has tremendous knowledge of spending management. He is adept at helping people who are highly leveraged and who have spending that is outpacing their income. Steven is hands on and provides a customized approach to improving individual financial situations with a focus on spending modifications and strategies for improving cash flow (without trying to sell […]

Jordan F.

In today’s “new normal,” even high earning/professional families can become overwhelmed just meeting the daily financial demands of modern life–mortgages, school tuition, cable and cell phone bills, camps, day care, car payments, commuting costs, clothing etc.   The costs of providing your kids and family with even “the basics” have risen disproportionately to incomes, making life […]

Pat P. and Jen P.

Our spending was upside down. Our family was giving us money and helping us to complete a monthly budget to get our arms around our expenses. It just wasn’t working and each month we were spending more than we were making. We had no savings and our outstanding debt continued to go up. That’s when […]